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Notice of Transition: Advancing the Movement was founded in the Spring of 2010 as a “conversation between peers” to advance the movement for a healthier, more equitable and prosperous United States of America. No legal structure was ever created, and its actions were conducted wholly by the leadership and voluntarism of its members, convened by a small advisory body. In October 2013, the ATM Advisory Council celebrated its many contributions to the field over nearly four years, lifted up a series of “go-forward” themes emerging from a recent survey and strategy sessions, and decided to formally transition these “conversations” to the curator of the Community Commons as well as to the dialogues, roundtables, strategies and other impact-oriented actions of selected founding partners and advisers. The work of this “conversation” continues in many venues. We express our deep gratitude to the countless leaders and organizations at the neighborhood, municipal, regional, state, national, and global levels, who are working for a more healthy, just and prosperous future.


Community CommonsAdvancing the Movement (ATM) is a distributed network of leaders from communities, philanthropy, government agencies, and the private, academic, voluntary and civic sectors – serving across fields, political perspectives and focus areas – collaborating on policy, systems and environmental changes for a healthier, more equitable and prosperous United States of America.

From inspiring the creation of cutting-edge data, learning and performance platforms, to cultivating balanced dialogue for collective impact, ATM is transforming the way resources and best practices are shared and leveraged among communities across the country. By promoting peer learning and innovation, ATM:

Enhances the reach and impact of currently funded place-based investments;
Applies an asset-based approach to help grow and sustain impact once the funding is over; and
Supports communities of highest burden that may not have adequate financing.

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